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Vanja023: Mala pomoc...pri secenju torte da li je problem u nozu,posto mi puca kora kako krenem da secem?ili je to do staklene posude?
03-Aug-2015 08:03:06
PocetnikBeograd: Treba mi mala pomoć. Da li neko može da mi kaže u koje paste se stavlja tomato/paradajz, a u koje paste NE IDE tomato/paradajz? Takođe me zanima u koje paste se stavljaju Pesto i Besamel, a u koje paste se ne stavljaju Pesto i Besamel?
07-Jul-2015 11:33:07
ceca: jedu mi se Krofne oe šuplja Maskina... na Proplanku tamo negdije uz Dunav i one dvije igracke,pozdrav Proplanku
16-May-2015 10:02:55
ceca: kisa2-3dana, pad tem pa usnjezica... a Sta za rucak? Wall
18-Jan-2015 09:35:17
ceca: Sta sutra za rucak Frau2 pozdrav svima
17-Jan-2015 20:55:31
ceca: ni danas nema promjena, kisa i dalje, gledala sam film Lucy ...preporuke, kisa do sutra uvece, pa sunce do srijede, jedemi se kolac, odo smlatiti Monte,poz svima...
23-Aug-2014 17:11:33
ceca: sta slatko za danas ? Wall
13-Oct-2013 10:19:01
ceca: sutra opet kisa, pa u cetvrtak, viken bez padavina, pekmez od sliva gotov, a kod vas Kazanche
16-Sep-2013 21:02:09
ceca: jedan od dana kad su svi skolarci osisani, ispeglani okupani... Prvacici veselo upoznajte nove drugare, svi ostali podjelite uzinu, i dok se sve preprica. svi pozdravite i ...eto zimskog Frau2 malo obaveza za svakog, a sta ste danam lijepo papali...
01-Sep-2013 14:02:17
ceca: dok se Roll opet skola, jesu li u plani torte i slatkisi za slatki pocetak skolske godine prvacicima obavezno a ovim vecim neki omiljeni za utijehu na kraju raspusta, nama na potrosenom novcu oko nabavke a ne ide mi se opet u skolu Sad , raspust nekako godi i roditeljima... za ponedeljak kisobrane
29-Aug-2013 19:10:50
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Patrick Mahomes finally experienced some adversity

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Autor Poruka

Pridružio se: Jan 21, 2019
Poruke: 58

PošaljiPoslato: Pet Jan 25, 2019 5:47 am    Naslov: Patrick Mahomes finally experienced some adversity Odgovori sa citatom

on Monday night in Denver Denver Broncos Womens Hoodie , when the offense had grown stagnant and the Chiefs trailed by 10 points with about 12 minutes to go.He answered with a dramatic fourth-quarter comeback.There was the grinding, 12-play, 75-yard drive that Mahomes capped with a short touchdown toss to Travis Kelce to give Kansas City a chance.Then, there was the audacious left-handed throw while Von Miller was bearing down on him during the go-ahead drive, which Kareem Hunt capped with a touchdown run in the final minutes to give the Chiefs a dramatic 27-23 victory."I didn't think at all. I was just kind of scrambling to my left, I felt Von on my back and I knew I couldn't throw it with my right hand," Mahomes said. "I knew we needed a first down, so I kind of shot-putted it to Tyreek (Hill), he got the first down and made a great play."Sure, his wide receiver made a great play.But Mahomes had made a spectacular one.It was the first time he'd truly faced adversity 鈥?the Chiefs had jumped out to early leads in each of their first three games, giving Mahomes a certain level of comfort. And while he rallied them to victory in his Week 17 start in Denver a year ago, there was nothing on the line that day.This was different in several ways.The Chiefs' dynamic offense had been held in check all night, and wide receiver Sammy Watkins had gone down with a hamstring injury, depriving Mahomes of one of his top options.Throw in the tough road environment and the fact that the Broncos could have forged a tie atop the AFC West with a victory, and that's some heady stuff for Mahomes to deal with."He's a confident kid. He was confident before that," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. "He's not going to get overconfident from it. I think it tells you, it tells everyone: You're within striking distance you have the opportunity to make plays. The guys around him made plays too. This wasn't just Patrick."But it was Mahomes who was getting most of the credit Tuesday for his late-game heroics."He's pretty fast. He'll run all day Womens Customized Denver Broncos Jerseys , buy time and especially to the right, deep," Miller marveled after the game. "I'm talking like, 20 yards deep, and then he'll throw the ball 40 yards. He's a great quarterback. He did a great job tonight."Mahomes' ability to extend plays while constantly looking downfield may have been the biggest reason the Chiefs managed to rally late.In fact, the length of time he made Denver's defensive backs work in coverage left cornerback Chris Harris Jr. downright exhausted."He made us cover for a long time. I had to go inside and get an IV. I had to get two IVs and I was just done," Harris said. "Just playing those extra times, he made us scramble in coverage the whole game. We couldn't sack this man. He's a hell of a player. He's a hell of a quarterback. He made plays with his feet and I can't wait to play him again."Well, the Jaguars' stingy defense gets that treat next when it visits Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.Already, the Chiefs could be facing some adversity when they play just their second home game this season. Kelce got banged up against Denver, and Watkins and pass rusher Dee Ford (groin) did not return to the game after leaving with injuries.All three of them have been crucial to the Chiefs' early season success."We just keep on battling, man. NFL football, there's going to be a lot of games that come down to the end," cornerback Kendall Fuller said. "So each drive, you've got to be locked in. Each play, locked in. You've just go to keep on finishing."Notes: Reid said during a conference call Tuesday he's confident in Demarcus Robinson filling in should Watkins be unavailable this week. Robinson had two catches for 31 yards against Denver. "D-Rob had a couple nice catches and actually had a chance for another, a touchdown ," Reid said.Broncos vs Bears: The No Bull Preseason Review After a rather poor showing in week 1, Broncos Country was treated to a much more competent showing from the teams’ first and second string units. The showing was very positive and encouraging which hopefully will help some of our more flighty fans back away from the ledge a bit.I thought the team looked much more ready to play against Chicago. It is still quite in fashion to throw shade Vance Joseph’s way, but honestly, he deserves some modicum of credit for the preparation that showed in this game as well as some very sound coaching decisions (QB changes, working younger players with more targets in the passing game, and giving our likely starters and rotational players heaver snap loads).DefenseOverall the defense was ready to play this week. Sure, the 3rd string defense got shredded, but let’s be real here: Chicago played a 10 year vet throughout the whole back half of the game. If the 3s were facing an actual 3, they likely would have had a more solid showing.Front 7What the heck happened to Shaquil Barrett? Having Shane Ray taking snaps over him still is just as pathetic as it was last season. Did his play fall off a cliff that we aren’t aware of or is he just getting buried by all the new shiny pass rushers the front office has been picking up?The guys up front this game looked very solid. Really kudos to all the 1st and 2nd team defensive linemen...the Bears consistently got beat up front and weren’t able to open up the kinds of gaps that gashed the Broncos in week 1.Brandon Marshall’s TFL really stood out to me during the Bears 2nd drive. That was the kind of run defense we see regularly from Todd Davis and is what we need to see more out of from the Inside Linebackers for the Broncos.I’m not sure which Linebacker was responsible for the RB out of the backfield on the Bears touchdown, but make no mistake, it was neither Von Miller nor the safety’s responsibility on that play (despite what the “analyst” calling the game said and drew on the screen).DeMarcus Walker showed some really strong interior pass rush in this game and was rewarded with a sack. I’m still encouraged that he’s the guy that is going to bring this pass rush back to its dangerous top-5 level we saw in 2015.SecondaryIsaac Yiadom is playing really friggin hard. He just looks a ton like a rookie who needs seasoning. His PI call was completely avoidable and he had another play where he was in position to break up the pass but was just a second too slow.Hopefully the Broncos don’t head into the season with him as the #3 guy...that I think would be a mistake for his development and for the team.Justin Simmons is the truth people. If he keeps playing the same way he’s been playing in the short action he’s gotten in 2 weeks of play, he’s going to be a guy everyone knows of by the season’s end. His INT was a superb showing of read / react time with great execution of athletic technique to make a play on the ball.Of all the younger corners, no one guy is sticking out to me as an answer and that’s a bad deal for this defense. Having a bunch of guys who you can’t trust to play man means you have to use zone more and more which is something this defense doesn’t excel at. Also we’re one injury away from serious trouble once the regular season starts. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Broncos find some corner help before we hit week one of the regular season.OffenseThere was more competent offensive play in this game than we saw for the majority of the 2017 season. The passing game got rolling, the run game was stout, and the coaches mixed in lot of different personnel and design into the game to keep the defense on its toes.QuarterbacksCase Keenum had a solid showing. We still haven’t seen a TD pass from him, but I feel like their focus with him at the helm has been more focused on working on concepts for the young receivers than it is about going after the end zone. Maybe that’s just me, but don’t get too down on Keenum yet.Chad Kelly was simply amazing. Not only did he look great against the twos Denver Broncos T-Shirt , but he looked like a guy that has the potential to be a starting NFL QB. What is important is for him to stay humble and keep working hard at honing his craft just like he says he is. The team believes in him far more than they ever believed in any of the “quarterbacks” that took the field for the Broncos in 2017. I love the types of throws he’s making regularly - lots of heat paired with high accuracy which means only his guy has a real chance to make the catch.Conversely, Paxton Lynch officially shat all over his chance to be a starting QB for the Denver Broncos if not the whole NFL. When faced with a challenge to “look good against third stringers” he instead looked exactly the same as he looked the week before...which is to say like hot, steaming garbage. Also as the resident vocal “No Bull” writer on the site, please allow me to say this: I don’t buy the nonsense we’re hearing from him and the coaches one iota. There’s lots of hinting that he works hard all the time and has put in the time and effort. That’s nonsense. If he was working that hard, we’d have seen him tear up the Bear’s 3rd string defense like so much wet paper. The guy has great physical tools. Preparation at an NFL level matched with effort would have led to more than we’re seeing this year...heck we saw better football out of Tim friggin Tebow than we are with Lynch. The only name I can really correlate with Lynch is JaMarcus Russell at this point.LineI loved just about everything we saw from the line. Even Max Garcia looked pretty darn solid all game long. The guys up front won over and over which led to a very stout run game that was effective if not spectacular.Jared Veldheer is a frigging beast at right tackle. The guy was shoving defenders around like a boss and looked far better than any right tackle we had outside last season.Garett Bolles still looks like a darn solid player to me. I worry with our offense about the tackles constantly as a weakness on either side can absolutely ruin an NFL offense, but both sides look to be in very good hands for this season.Running BacksRoyce Freeman needs to go ahead and be the starter. He’s got twice the game that Devontae Booker does easily. He’s got power, balance, vision, and great burst. We’ll see how he ends up, but the guy reminds me a heck of a lot of what we saw from Maurice Jones-Drew back in the day.I also really like what I see from Philip Lindsay. He’s got the kind of speed on the field that can be a strong tool in the box for an offensive coordinator. That he’s also showing a ton of fight in special teams makes a really strong case for him to make the team.ReceiversDaesean Hamilton got a lot of targets this week and ended up with not a lot to show for it. I’m not terribly worried about it, but hopefully he shows some better work on the field under the bright lights than what we’ve seen through 2 weeks.Courtland Sutton is absolutely going to be a beast of a player for this team and he looks like a guy that has a real chance to make an impact in his rookie season to my eyes. He’s got that rare pairing of size and speed that make him a terror downfield for defenses to deal with and I don’t even think the team has been working in his jump ball skills during the preseason games just so opposing teams don’t have good film on how good he is at that!Special TeamsMarquette King was robbed from what would have been the best possible coffin corner kick in the NFL by a blind ref. The ball absolutely went out of bounds and sure didn’t look to me like the Bronco defender touched it before it went out of bounds. Final ThoughtsI’m super excited to hear that Will Parks didn’t have serious injury. The Broncos (knock on wood) have been pretty fortunate so far on the injury front...if you look around just at the AFC West, other teams are not nearly as lucky as we are. Next week the team gets some serious work with the ones against the Washington Redskins. As we inch closer and closer to the regular season, I’m getting pretty stoked to see a real game and week 3 of the preseason is the closest thing you will get to that this time of year. Do we need to watch for a veteran QB? Are you guys seeing any of the depth corners stand out as maybe having the goods?What great play did you see that I didn’t mention?Hit me up in the comments with your thoughts!
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